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The benefits of solar electricity

Solar electricity will save you money: Whilst Eskom tariffs increase annually, solar energy remains FREE.

It creates energy independence: Stay independent of the grid and ensure your household or office avoids unexpected blackouts.

Reduce your carbon footprint and avoid carbon taxes: By using green energy sources and contributing to a cleaner environment, you may avoid potential future carbon taxes that will be implemented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is generated from the sun. As our greatest source of heat and energy, the sun is able to generate electricity for FREE!

Does using Solar Energy save me money?

While the sun does shine freely, we need technology that harnesses the energy produced by the sun to power our homes and offices. Yes, there is an initial outlay of capital but future savings on electricity are guaranteed.

Where do I find the financial assistance for Solar Energy?

Our partner, GreenFin Financial Services, is an award-winning financier specialising in Green Finance. They offer competitive rates with a wealth of knowledge to help you along your way to green living with the best value for money.